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Blood Donation Awareness Programme

12th October 2017 an awareness programme was conducted for safe Blood Donation Mr. Arun Gokul Das took over the session and dealt with the nobal act. Students of class VIII – XII   participated in the programme and interacted with him. Let’s join hand and make a better society.

          “Donate Blood save a Life”


21- January -2017

              A career guidance session was organized & hosted by KVM on 21-01-2017. The resource person was Mr. Jaya Prakash Gandhi, an educationist. The session was an eye opener to the senior secondary students. The session was interactive and lively.  It really facilitated the students in choosing an apt career.

21- October -2016          

          Mrs. Prasanthi an avid public speaker addressed the senior secondary students on 21.11.16. She emphasized the importance of Career Guidance Programme for the students. She shared her views on entrepreneurship and opined that students should empower themselves to face the challenges and risks to attain their goal. The session was good and informative.

17 October  2016  

           Kikani Vidhya Mandir guides the students to choose a right path in their career through career guidance sessions. KVM  hosted a career guidance program on Monday 17.11.2016 for Senior Secondary Students. The resource person was Reni Auxiliya P.W . The session started with an intro of the resource person. She shared her views on, the purpose of a student’s life and ways to find their passion. She also emphasized that students  must come out of their comfort zone to face challenges in their life. It was an inspirational session and it also enlightened many students’ mind.

 Pediasure – “Watch Me Grow”

             The Hindu in association with Abbott Nutrition organized a nutrition camp “Watch Me Grow” for Kindergarten parents at KVM on 02/11/2016. School Principal Mrs. Geetha Raj addressed the gathering. Nutrition expert and dietitian Mrs. Ramya discussed issues related to balanced nutrition, fussy eating habits etc among children. The Session was lively and interactive. The event provided a platform to the parents to clarify their doubts on poor food habits of their wards. 

      A Career guidance session was held at KVM on 19.10.16. The session was on entrepreneurship @ school. The guest speaker Mr. Anmol Vij, CEO of  Keymind  Pvt Ltd, addressed the students to set their mind and heart towards their accomplishment. Tips for entrepreneurship, dreaming big were discussed in the session. A video of Suhas   Gopinath, the youngest entrepreneur of the world, at the age of 14 was screened. Tips & videos were really informative and inspiring School Correspondent Mr. Tushar Kikani also addressed the students and shared his views. He quoted that; “we must not be job seekers but job givers” inspired the students.

04 August 2016            

           Mr. U.N Shankar Ram, the Director of Grey Matter Academics, guided the students of class XI – XII commerce, into varied career opportunities. Achieving success depends on Talent, Ability, passion and hardwork. Students were informed about chartered  Accountancy courses and ACCA courses,  Achieving high aim in life leads to success.

01 August 2016

               Career guidance helps improve and inspire peoples towards further study and enables them to make informed decisions in life.  An interactive session was organised by the school management for class IX to XII to motivate them on self discipline. The guest speaker of the day was Mrs. G. Bhuvaneswari Govardhan.

          Students learnt about the values in life, respect to elders and the most important health to be given priority at the end of the day.  

20th July 2016

The Indian financial and Banking systems is significantly different from other countries To equip the children about finance and banking , school had arranged for an interactive session with the manager of Axis bank Mr. V.P Mahesh from Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore. Students of XI & XII commerce acquired formidable facts and gained knowledge about the financial sectors.  

11th July 2016

                  Ms. Gayathri Prakash from Shivanjali Temple of fine arts along with our students of class XI & XII had an interactive session which taught them that the car needs to be steered in the right direction and this car is our own- self. The session gave the students new options for choosing music, art and dance as a career. Physical fitness and mental stability could work on well if you know how to relax, Students felt encouraging attending the session.

29 June2016

              An interactive session was organized by the school management for the students of class XII- Arts, Speaker Mr. Neil Kikani brought out the main qualities a student should seek and follow. It encouraged the students and highlighted the fact that one should admire everyone best qualities.

23 March 2016

Good career guidance helps improve and inspires pupils towards further study and enables them to make informed decisions, whenever choices are open to them.

We are grateful to Mr. Marabin Maindan Muthaiah for inspiring our students to focus in life, to bank on their own strength, and to instill in them the importance of Time and Attitude. It is thus rightly said that the Best Teacher, does not help you to “SEE” but to “LOOK”.

Mr.Junichi FUKAO    

                KVM organized an interaction session with the Consulate of Japan, Chennai for the students  of  7th , 8th  and 11th  on March 09, 2016 at School Auditorium. School correspondent Mr. Tushar R. Kikani welcomed the guests, Mr.Junichi FUKAO and the representatives of ABK-Aots Dosokai (The Japanese Language School), Coimbatore. The session was on Japanese culture. Various aspects like day to day activities,   Life style and hobbies (ORIGAMI) of Japanese children were discussed. The students took part actively in the interaction. The session was informative and served as a platform for cultural learning.

Mr. Kunal Banthia         

                      KVM Organized a guest speaker session for the Grades IX , X & XI on 16  Dec 15 Wednesday. The guest speaker was Mr. Kunal Bhantia  A Serial Entrepreneur. The Session was based on concepts like attitude, career guidance, Building up Confidence etc. The Session was lively and informative.

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