Life Skills

In today’s world the market for young generation is crowded and jam-packed, and so it is becoming difficult for the students to stand as a tough competent. Especially in the case of the students who are facing board examinations. Too much pressure and hectic schedule is making them to work hard to gain high scores. But the difficulty here is that the students are unable to manage themselves in this competitive world

The objective of the life skills training is to focus on developing the individual student’s quality and courage to apply the same in their day to day life. This training teaches the concepts of Life Skills recommended by World Health Organization. Life skills targets on complete transformation of life and positive attitude towards the individual Student’s life.

Training Outcome:

  • The Children are trained to work as a Team and hence they will learn to Identify Problems and find different alternatives for the same
  • The Children will know his or her weakness through which he/she will face challenges with Confidence
  • They are taught to identify their own emotion through which he/she will learn to express their feeling in a healthy manner
  • They will be able to react Positively under critical situation
  • They will show concern about the problem in the society/community
  • They will develop a Good relationship and will have Self-Respect
  • They will develop Self-Confidence

Action Photographs:

Training Outcomes

Training Outcomes

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