About Us

Kikani Vidhya Mandir is situated in a beautiful campus in Rangasamy Road, R. S. Puram, Coimbatore.

Every child is Capable’

It strongly believes and works with the principle and philosophy of Human excellence through Happy schooling and joyful learning. We believe in the truth, ‘Every child is Capable’, the school based activities are designed to discover what he / she is capable of and thereby strengthen abilities to maximize their potential.

The play way method of teaching is followed in the Kindergarten, where children are initiated into an inquiry mind through the ‘LOIC’ – ‘Life Oriented InquiryCurriculum”. ‘Learning by Doing’ methodology forms the basis of learning. Class rooms are redesigned as ‘Learning Centers’, inducing a conducive learning environment. A plethora of activities embedded in curriculum leads children towards multiple tasking, proving the theory of Multiple Intelligences. Every Kikanian will gradually discover himself/herself.

The school aims to develop a strong, confident and discerning personality at an early age. Kikani Vidhya Mandir believe that confidence, initiative, perseverance and consistent effort instilled at an early stage can take a person far into a successful career and personal life, make him / her an honest and responsible world citizen.

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