As a Parent, I feel proud that our children are given an opportunity by the School, to invest their time and energy in leading their respective Team, which will harness their leadership skills. Kudos to Kikani Vidhya Mandir.

Pallavi Kotecha Parent of Raghav S. Kotecha
Grade IX

Kikani is a great place not only for the students, but for the teachers as well. The school has identified my potential and utilized my caliber thereby making it a mutually beneficial relationship. I am a proud kikanian.

Kavitha. N Lead teacher
Grade I-V

Kikani always empowers teachers to grasp new concepts and acquire new skills. The level of care and trust that the administration has in their teachers are unique and special. That is a motivating factor for me to get inspired and inspire others.

S.Shyamala Valli Lead teacher
Grade VI-X