As a Parent, I feel proud that our children are given an opportunity by the School, to invest their time and energy in leading their respective Team, which will harness their leadership skills. Kudos to Kikani Vidhya Mandir.

Pallavi Kotecha Parent of Raghav S. Kotecha
Grade IX

Kikani is a great place not only for the students, but for the teachers as well. The school has identified my potential and utilized my caliber thereby making it a mutually beneficial relationship. I am a proud kikanian.

Kavitha. N Lead teacher
Grade I-V

Kikani always empowers teachers to grasp new concepts and acquire new skills. The level of care and trust that the administration has in their teachers are unique and special. That is a motivating factor for me to get inspired and inspire others.

S.Shyamala Valli Lead teacher
Grade VI-X

We really appreciate Mrs Megha Mam and KVM putting efforts to engaging even in a pandemic period for my kid regularly. Now she is able to focus well and stays excited during online classes. Also, the teacher interacts in a friendly manner and teaches child in fantastic approach. Thanks again for your support Mam and KVM.

V. Chandramouli & S. Srividhya Parent of Darshaa

As a parent of a child that never had the opportunity to socialize a lot, I saw Toddler house as a great learning window for my child. I have always been very happy with the school, the curriculum, the staff team and the rapport between the school and the parents. That's the reason why we decided to go ahead and experiment with online classes for our 4 year old. And, I'm really happy we decided that. The classes are really good and fun. My child enjoys the activities given on the day to day basis. She enjoys listening to the rhymes. Though she is not responsive at all times in the class, she sings all the rhymes and talks a lot about her class later. That I think is the real indication that she is enjoying her learning. The choice of rhymes and stories are really good and diverse. Special mention to Megha mam. She has been exceptionally patient with the kids. She puts on lots of efforts into each class. Her activity demonstrations are amazing. In short, Kikani Toddler House is a great initiative and wishing it all the success!

Sakthi Parent of Sriaarvitha

Online teaching in the pandemic time is a huge challenge for the teachers, students and parents too. I am indeed very impressed by the teachers (Dhatchayani mam, Lalitha mam and Megha mam) for their efforts to make online teaching fun and exciting for the kg students. The videos and ppts introduced keep the students glued to their classes. Having an activity based classes like dough making, paper crafts and celebrating different festivals in addition to the content based classes is also a great idea. It gives students an opportunity for all around development. Dhatchayani mam is a great teacher and a very conscientious person who looks for the need of every student. She is very friendly and a good observer and gives equal attention and equal chance to each and every student which is very important at this early stage of life. Lalitha mam has child centered, value based, Caring and innovative approach towards teaching. She gives her best to make the class simpler, understanding, fun and exciting for the students. She's a great preceptor. Megha mam meticulously prepares interesting classes and presents in a very friendly manner to her students. She tries to understand each and every student and gives equal opportunity to the entire student to present what they have learnt in the class. The students benefit a lot from this strategy. She's an amiable teacher. I've seen so much progress since my ward started school. All the teachers are doing amazing jobs and my son is enjoying the classes.

Parent of Moin Wasin

I am glad to share my feedback about Kikani Institutions that was started half a century ago and now developed tremendously with more than 1500 students receiving education. The curriculum for kindergarten is framed in such a way that the child’s creativity and communication skills are enhanced. Hats off to the teachers who keep the children glued to their seats by making the students get engaged in numerous activities to enhance their cognitive skills and creative thinking. I am extremely happy that my son was able to gain knowledge through online mode even during these tough times of the pandemic. My best wishes to the management to keep the momentum going in forthcoming years.

Keerthi.N.S Parent of Shraman

We are glad to share our feedback with you regarding the Virtual Academic Year 2020-2022. We would like to appreciate Kikani Vidhya Mandir for the way online classes were conducted during this unexpected situation. It would have never been easy for kids to get adapted to new ways of virtual learning without the efforts of teachers and their support. We appreciate our daughter’s class teacher Mrs. Suchithra who is another mother of a child to whom she listens carefully and understands whatever she teaches and the teachers at Kikani Vidhya Mandir are amazing who not only teach children, but they also encourage them, motivate them to participate more and more. Great efforts done by the teachers. We feel blessed to have her school journey with Kikani Vidhya Mandir, A big thanks to principal ma’am for the LKG and UKG “The Tinytots’ Trails” books which have got very interesting content and kids can easily grape the message from the book. Online classes for our daughter are truly remarkable. We would like to convey our heartfelt appreciation to the school Principal and teachers for their priceless efforts, understanding, support, guidance, and contribution towards my daughter’s progress. Their dedication and patience had enabled our daughter to receive positive educational experiences even at this crucial phase i.e. Covid-19 through online Classes. Once again, thank you Kikani Vidhya Mandir and God bless.

Sathish & Sumithra Parent of S. Dikshitha

I Have gone through a sweet and exciting journey of 14 years with KVM and I am pretty sure that I had made the best decision. Dedicative teachers of KVM have played a biggest role in making my life bright. I am pursuing my BCA final year, As a kikanian I have created an unique identity in college as I am identified among huge number of students for my skills, academic performance, leadership qualities and strong communication skills. KVM not only taught us education and extracurricular activities but also the required skills for a responsible citizen to be. The school moto "Give us your child and take back a leader" had created magic in our lives. I am a proud kikanian forever!


14 years that I spent in kikani truly moulded me into a global citizen. It's given me skills to face life's challenges with confidence. Wide range of activities conducted allowed me to explore different avenues. They encourage students to learn by doing. I will forever cherish the time that spent there.

Nikita Vinod

I am Aravindha Hariharan M, Lead Developer at Secarmy Community and Pursuing 3rd year B.Tech in Information Technology at Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology. Kikani Vidhya Mandir was one who helped me in building my basement stronger so that I could rise higher to reach the sky by constructing myself with all hard work and passion towards the goal. Never forgettable teacher who guided me on the right path, raised me when I fall, and helped me when I was stuck, What else, One of the best subjects teaching teachers who can repeat number of times until we completely.

Aravindha Hariharan M

I am priyal jain pursuing Bcom final year. Initially I was from New Delhi, totally new to south india. I still remember how nervous I was at my first tamil exam as I had never learnt it before. But the care and support of teachers made things much easier. At kikani I have learnt that practical experiences are as important as theoretical ones are. My experience at kikani for 6 years were my days of blooming that shaped my mind to become a better human being. 'Promising leaders' is what the teachers called us. And here we are trying to initiate a change. Quoting principal mam's words "If you do right things, the right things will happen to you". This is something that always encourages me. I am a passionate content writer and also a part of hope organization as secretary for the year 2020-21 I will be forever grateful to Kikani Vidhya Mandir for the knowledge and values it has instilled in me!. Here is to wishing all the kikanians and management a successful and best future.

Priyal Jain

Hey Bhargav here, So I would like to go back to my 2nd standard when I stepped into the school for the first time, and the very first year I was taken to Geetha mam for a fight that I had. And then from there it was a very beautiful journey that had changed many things for me. Later on when CBSE was introduced I had joined there and in the beginning I felt that it was bit difficult but later on took it for granted. One of the best memories I had was in 10 and 11 class, these 2 years were just unforgettable. I had broken the window of the class after a fight, playing with the water and then getting caught and did many other mischievous things which cannot be disclosed. Those functions for which I was always ready to help the teachers to bunk the classes, fighting for PT periods, sports day and a lot more which cannot be described in words. And yeah that's it. I finally thank all my teachers for always being there for me, pushing forward and giving me strength and support that I needed and making me understand that nothing is possible in this world and nothing is permanent, thank you. I really miss those school days.


Reflecting on the 14 years I spent at kikani. I have come to realize how fortunate I was to attend this school. It acted as my second home in many ways and brought comfort to me numerous times. I was blessed to have great Guru's right from KG and lovely friends to complete my second family. My school whittled me in all aspects, gave a strong foundation and allowed me to explore, making a way to walk with the world.

Noorah M J

Kikani has an amazing ability to keep children focused. It has given me a tremendous amount of freedom to pursue knowledge and experience far beyond that of a typical school and has challenged me to explore my interests in great depth. I gained self-responsibility and personal empowerment too. I loved attending the school and miss it immensely. Thanks to all my Gurus.

Miszbah MJ

As a student of Kikani, the school gives a perfect balance between academics, social engagement, and cultural insights. Kikani has been always another home for us. I express my sincere gratitude for laying a strong foundation for my successful career. The academics were extraordinary and I put across an honourable mention to all my teachers for their support. I AM A PROUD KIKANIAN".

Balaharshitha S

A mentor is someone who allows you to see the Hope inside you. The school has been my greatest mentor and the most inspiring seven years of my life. The teachers have taught me or rather inspired me, to be a better human being. Being trustee at Hope Organization (charitable organization) is not easy task, but the values instilled in me have given me the courage to never give up. Today the people of coimbatore recognize me as a part of Hope Organization and ask me where I come from, with a wide grin I reply "Kikani Vidhya Mandir". The ever supportive teachers and their mentoring to not just excel in academics but also in extra curriculum. The experience I have got as the Headboy in the year 2017-18 here has definitely made me a stronger person than I was before. At present I am pursuing " with cost and management accounting" and intermediate level at the "Institute of Chartered Accountants of India". We (the batch of 2017-18) were known as the 'Promising Leaders". And here we stand 2 years later, promising and infact working on the promise to make the world a better place to live in!.


I have done my entire schooling right from LKG to 12th at Kikani. It has always been a second home to me. Kikani has played an important role in shaping my personality. Kikani helped me have a vision and the result of it is where I am standing today as a lawyer. I was fortunate to be taught by some amazing teachers who not only taught lessons but some important life values. I have immense gratitude for all my teachers, classmates, friends, helpers who are the reason for molding me in to the person I am now. It’s been almost 6 years since I left school but nothing is as special and touching as it was.


Kikani the window to my future. Kikani is the biggest eye opener in my life. The lessons I learnt are innumerable not only in academics, major life lessons that help me even today to make my life decisions. The teachers at Kikani are true gems. And that its place of joy which i miss too much!! Kikani isn't just a school; it's a gateway to my dreams. The robust curriculum, dedicated faculty, and nurturing environment have shaped my academic journey, that help me confidently stride in my future.


"Kikani Vidhya Mandir CBSE School holds a special place in my heart as my Alma Mater. The nurturing environment, dedicated faculty, and comprehensive curriculum have sculpted not just my academic journey but also my character. At Kikani, education is not confined to textbooks; it's a holistic experience. These have emphasis on extracurricular activities, sports, and community service instilled in me values of teamwork, leadership, and empathy. The teachers at Kikani are more than just educators; they are mentors who go above and beyond to ensure every student reaches their full potential. Their guidance and support have been instrumental in shaping my academic achievements and personal growth. The sense of belonging and camaraderie fostered within the Kikani community is unparalleled. From participating in cultural events to bonding over shared goals, my time at Kikani was enriched by the friendships, bonds and memories created.