A Career Guidance on the Indian Armed Forces

October 09, 2021

The School organized a Career Guidance Program for the students of Class 12 on 9th October 2021, to educate about the career opportunities in the Indian Armed Forces.
The Program was organized under the supervision of the teachers and The Guest speaker- Auditor in the Ministry of Defense Mr. J. Rajesh. The Guest of Honour took over the meeting and inspired all the young minds with a detailed discussion on the ample opportunities and career options available in the Armed Forces.
The session commenced with a brief discussion about the Three Armed Forces and their role for the country, continued by the key qualities to be possessed by a soldier like Discipline, Punctuality-Work by Task not by time, Determination, Morale, Selflessness and so on.
Later, the speaker spotlighted on the various entry ways and tests to join the Indian Army as an Officer. The meeting ended with an interactive Q & A session followed by vote of thanks. This forum was indeed an enlightening one which proved to be a great eye-opener to many defense aspirants.