November 04, 2023

Ensemble 2023-24, Annual Day themed “ Prakarti – Let’s celebrate nature for a Sustainable
Future ” was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm on November 4 Saturday . Integrating
the SDGs into the school curriculum, as recommended by the Indian Ministry, we at Kikani
Vidhya Mandir, have been taking major steps to foster active global citizenship amongst
young learners . To make these goals both real and achievable and true to our vision we
create, mold and transform students into outstanding global citizens .
Chief Guest was Dr.N. Siva Kumar , Principal ,Aditya Vidhyashram , Gurugram. As
sustainability gains more prominence in today’s world than ever before, keeping up with the
day’s theme all the cultural events were based on SDGs. Ensemble 2023-24 was a grand
success and celebrated the talents and achievements of our students. As we reflect on this
wonderful event, let us all remember to “Save Earth for a Sustainable Future”.

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