October 20, 2023

The Navarathri celebration at Kikani Vidhya Mandir was a remarkable and spiritually uplifting event that brought together students, teachers, and the school’s management in a display of devotion and cultural celebration.

The  auspicious nine-day Navarathri festival commenced on October 14, 2023. The school basement was adorned with the traditional setup of the nine steps (Golu) and an array of beautifully decorated dolls, creating a vibrant and festive atmosphere.

The festival began with the recitation of holy slokas and Pooja (prayers), signifying the spiritual significance of the occasion. A procession of deities, including Ganesh, Krishna, Varahi Amman, Karumari Amman, and the sacred Kalasam, was conducted with great devotion. Notably, this procession was led by the school’s student council members, accompanied by the School Correspondent, Trustees, Principal, Vice-Principal, and the dedicated staff.

Following the procession, the Golu, which consists of an artistic display of dolls and figurines, was placed in the basement area. This elaborate arrangement showcased the rich cultural and religious heritage associated with Navarathri.

On October 19, 2023, a unique Pooja was organized for the students. Students from Grade 10 and 12 actively participated by lighting earthen lamps and offering prayers to Lord Saraswati. It was a moment of spiritual reflection and a chance for the students to express their devotion.

To further enhance the spiritual atmosphere, students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 congregated in the auditorium, engaging in the collective chanting of slokas. This unified display of devotion brought a sense of togetherness and shared spirituality.

On October 20, 2023, a special Vilakku Pooja was conducted exclusively for the esteemed teachers of the school. The Pooja was performed with great reverence, and the enchanting recitation of Lalitha Sahasranamam added a deeper spiritual dimension to the event.

To conclude the festivities, the staff and management of Kikani Vidhya Mandir participated in a Garba dance, symbolizing the joyous and celebratory spirit of Navarathri. The traditional dance was a fitting way to wrap up the nine-day celebration.

In summary, the Navarathri celebration at Kikani Vidhya Mandir in 2023 was a meticulously organized event that beautifully blended spirituality, culture, and community involvement. It demonstrated the school’s commitment to fostering a deep sense of tradition and devotion among its students and staff. The active participation of everyone involved ensured that the event was both memorable and spiritually enriching.