Sports Day (Vihrti)

October 14, 2023

Annual Sports Meet at Kikani Vidhya Mandir is not just about competition, athleticism, or winning medals, it’s a celebration of the indomitable spirit of sports that unites us all. It’s a day where we gather together to witness the extraordinary feats of our young athletes. The Meet began with an auspicious start by invoking blessings from almighty.

Mr. Nimesh welcomed the chief guest , Mr. Krish BeethOven  and other distinguished guests.To signify the beginning of the day, that is filled with exuberance, team spirit and sportsmanship, the chief guest declared the Sports Meet Open, by releasing the balloons. Followed by the declaration ,the  March-past, by the school teams, led by their captains and vice-captains, was not just a display of synchronized movements and vibrant house colors, it represented the togetherness of our diverse student body, each united by a common purpose. March Past was assessed by the panel of judges for 100 marks with five criteria.

Up next was the ceremonial lighting of the Olympic torch. The torch was lit by the guest of the day. Olympic Torch bearers were the Individual Champions of the year .To signify a solemn commitment and to uphold the integrity and leadership respective house captains, took up the oath, to pledge their dedication to the ideals that their house represents. Mr. Karthik presented the Annual Sports Report on the sports achievements.

Drill at Kikani is not just about showcasing athletic skills and competitive spirit, it’s also about embracing discipline and precision. Display of synchronized movements and vibrant choreography serves as a reflection of the values we hold in our school community. A colourful and vibrant drill performance by our tiny tots from toddler house set the tone for our entire event. Up next the students from grade 1 and 2 performed a drill on free hand exercises. Followed by mesmerising Band Display. A visual treat was given by the students of grade 3,4 and 5 using colourful properties. The bright colours swirling through the air were not just eye-catching, they symbolized the enthusiasm and spirit of the team.

Grade 6 and 7 students presented a unique and colourful drill with shawls. These colours not only made the exercise visually appealing but also symbolized the diversity and unity of our school community. Grade eight’s yoga performance showcased not only their physical prowess but also their commitment to the core principles of yoga. Up next we had grade 9 and 10 drill with cap as a prop for a whistle rhythm. Followed by Grade 11 &12 girls drill.   They demonstrated the significance of dedication, teamwork and physical fitness through Zumba moves. Last but not the least was a thrilling performance that enthralled the gathering, the drill pyramid by our Grade 11 and 12 boys. The formation itself represented a hierarchy, with each level of the pyramid built upon the strength, trust and support of those below. A Ramp on Kikani’s diverse offerings on different sports was the part of the pyramid drill and was the highlight of the event.

Guest of the day Mr. Krish Beeth Oven ‘s speech was inspiring and thoughtful. Followed by the Address of the school correspondent Shri. Tushar R Kikani was as motivating and inspiring as ever. School Principal Ms. Geetha Raj addressed the gathering and appreciated the students’ effort.

Thrilling finals of the tug of war, where a raw power met determination was the climax of the event. The rope, stretched to its limit, symbolized the barriers that we, as individuals and as teams, strive to overcome at Kikani. Boys Tug Of War was won by Satya House and Girls Tug Of War was won by Dharma House. The Overall Champions were Dharma House with a lead of 907 points.

Thus Annual Sports Meet came to end with National Anthem.   The success of the Sports Day is the Testament to the hard work and spirit. Cherishing the dedication and enthusiasm of the students and support of the staff..….awaiting Annual Sports Meet 2024-25.