About Us


With a noble vision to educate thousands a team of young gujratis started the Gujrati Pustakalaya and Gujrati Vidyalaya simultaneously. As the inflow of the Gujratis into the rapid developing cotton city increased, the need for a better school arose and it also led to a realization that teaching in Gujrati will not serve the purpose of imparting knowledge in Tamilnadu. As a result, English was introduced as a medium of instruction. Amidst a severe financial crisis, a formal inauguration of the school was arranged on 10th October 1951. Shri Kishandas Kikani and Sri Gopaldas Kikani made a munificent offer which led to the school being name after their late brother as “Shri Baldevdas Kikani Vidhya Mandir” since then.

The High school in the new building started functioning from June 1957 and thereafter it was Golden years for the Kikani Group. Adhering perfectly to the school’s motto “Unity in Diversity” and his vision, Shri Gopaldas Kikani expanded his educational service to the society.

The CBSE Wing

Reciprocating to the continuous requests from parents of our beloved students the CBSE School was formally inaugurated on 6th June 2011 with classes from KG- VI. Since then there has been an addition of each grade every year. The first batch of X and XII appeared for the boards during the years 2014-2015 and 2016-2017 respectively. We have been maintaining cent per cent results since then.

At Kikani, we believe and work towards our motto

“Give us your child, take back a leader”.