Dance is basic to human nature and is a basic form of individual and cultural expression.

Education in the art of dance provides students with deep, thought-provoking experiences that combine many art forms and disciplines. The act of choreography is akin to sculpting with the human body in mobile space–a visual arts endeavor. Musicality with rhythm, phrasing, and a full partnership with the musical accompaniment is demanded. Dramatic skills and techniques are necessary to choreograph an interesting work and perform it. Learning the art of dance is a full, enriching, and physically joyful experience.

A correlation has been observed between students who dance and higher standardized test scores. Through dance education, students develop focus, concentration, discipline, creativity, problem-solving skills, self-assessment skills, and the desire to do well. In addition, students learn to remember patterns, sequences, relationships, forms and structures. These transfer into other areas of learning and achievement.

We offer dance as a regular curriculum for our students from classes 3-10.