Correspondent’s Message

It has been a long laudable, glorious 58 years of service to the nation. 68 years of allegiance to imparting quality education. Reflecting back, I was not even born when the foundation stones of this mighty institution were laid by my forefathers. Two great souls, Shri Krishnadas Kikani and Shri Gopaldas Kikani, who strove against all odds to make their dreams come true. Toe great minds, who believed, that every child deserves an education regardless of their circumstances.

It was their firm belief that “Education is a wealth that no youth, can be robbed off”. They wanted each child to be endowed with this priceless treasure. Today because of their strong Beliefs and Convictions, we celebrate 68 Golden years of this stalwart institution. I am filled with a sense of pride, nostalgia and exultation in being associated with my forefather dreams and in carrying their legacy forward.

I have always felt that a Jubilee is very akin to an Anniversary. A time for taking stock. A time for celebration and retrospection. A time to reflect in our past, analyse the present and plan for an even better tomorrow. Analyzing the past, the history of the school was littered with challenges and hardships right from day one.

I salute and congratulate all the past trustees and teachers who braved many a challenge undautingly and put this school on a trajectory of growth and success. The results are there for all of us to see. The school today stands tall as one of the most elite, reputed educational Institutions in the city of Coimbatore.

Kikani Institutions

A perfect launching pad has been put in place in face the challenges of the future. Incidentally, this year our country completes 60 years of Independence. Hidden under is an entire new generation, a youthful India that has begun to dream differently, and that is willing to go that x-tra Mile to achieve their goals.

This generation is placed with tremendous advantages in scientific, technological and other improvements in all fields. This was not imaginable until a few years back. We at Kikani Institutions will strive to work with the students, to enhance their capability and thinking power beyond the class room, in such a manner that they face the challenges independently and confidently.

In the process each kikanian will be reinforced certain worthy principles, virtues, ethics and character. The student needs to be emphasized that education is not only for the mind, but should illuminate his soul.

I very strongly and convincingly believe that Life has a far greater aim than merely making money, enjoying a few physical comforts, pleasures and luxuries. We need to give back to society in equal measures and help the under privileged through charitable acts. It will not be out of place for me to bring in the aspect of religion and faith in our present day youth.

I am a strong believer that no matter how hard one works, or how much talent one has one need Divine intervention for things to go one’s way. Our past president Dr. S. Radhakrishnan said that “Physical efficiency and Intellectual alertness are very dangerous if spiritual illiteracy prevails” I therefore urge the students to ignite that spiritual flame in them. Spirituality in no way guarantees a life free of difficulties, sorrows or troubles, but it provides that inner strength confidence and courage to tackle all human crisis that come our way and emerge victorious.

I wish to conclude by reminding education and all the process of educating involves students, teachers, parents, administrators and the environment. We will aim to churn out students who can fulfill their hopes and dreams, who can be of great service to society and above all Great Citizens of this Great Nation.

With the able guidance and co-operation of Board of Trustees and the support of the Teachers we hope to transform this centre into a World class Intuition of Excellence of the youth.

Shri Tushar R. Kikani
Kikani Institutions
No.29, Jawahar Nagar,
Saibaba Colony,
Coimbatore – 641043.