Principal’s Message

To me, Kikani Vidhya Mandir is the Temple of Learning, the residing deity being Absolute Knowledge; the teaching fraternity lead the path to reach the deity. All who wish to seek ‘Absolute Knowledge’, enter the KVM temple where they are shaped to fit into the tailored suit (holistic development) exclusively designed for every INDIVIDUAL. Each individual is made comfortable with his best suits that best befits him. Its the natural human tendency to inhale fresh confidence, when one appears in the best of his attire. The natural Pride shadowed by the confidence is synonymously replaced by humbleness. This humbly pride Kikanian is handled with care nurturing his natural urge, to gel well with his strengths in thoughts and actions, escalating his integrity and widening his aperture of his perception.

Every child is groomed to the best of his/her ability to be productive and constructive, with his own ideas, understanding himself and others to that extend it needs to be. At every possible phase in school life, the vision of the school, to create, mould and transform students into outstanding Global citizen upholding Indian values and culture and to Win the World with Wisdom, is imbibed by every child at every stage in Kikani Vidhya Mandir to emerge as a leader of his choice, as excellent Human beings.

Every Best Child finds his seat at KVM. Every Best Human finds his place at KVM, Happiness is the mantra that revolves the school, Goodness is the feeling that spreads across the classes to the campus. Acceptance of fault and to speak the truth is the practise of the students. ‘Education to lead a happy and successful life is what I aim for.

Thus I believe in giving every child the best and to his maximum potential and help every child discover himself.

‘Give us your Child Take back a Leader’

Wishing Goodness to All!!!
Geetha Raj