Every child is an artist. There is no substitute or replacement for music making as it relates to the positive growth and development of the human mind, body, and spirit. In fact it is inconceivable to musicians that music education is not considered a core subject in every school curriculum, and for EVERY child. Unfortunately this is NOT the case at Kikani, if we want the students-of-today to become the music-makers of tomorrow; the responsibility of “sharing the good news about the importance of arts education in our schools” must be embraced with a serious commitment accompanied by a diligent follow-through. We no longer teach only the “interested students;” but we plant the seeds-of-interest and personally escort the students to the gateway of their musical future. Participation in band makes the students enter into the infinite journey of creative expression connecting to a language (music) that is understood, communicated, and appreciated by all of mankind around the globe.