Vidhaithu payir – Learn to Nurture

July 13, 2022

For us, education is not just academic excellence, it’s about character building combined with emotional and spiritual growth, thereby creating outstanding global leaders. True to our Mission, we at Kikani host every event with a unique touch by upholding life values. Wednesday 13/7/22, was one such special day at Kikani. Students witnessed and joined their hands for two spectacular events, one is to pay tribute to all their Gurus (Guru Purnima) and another is to nurture plants (Vidhaythu Payir).

The day began by invoking blessings from all gurus, followed by the Welcome Speech and Introduction of the Chief Guest. Grade 8 students delivered a speech on the importance and significance of Guru Purnima. Next was the representation of “Guru Vandana” by the students. Students impersonated as gurus were offered flowers as a tribute. Classical group dance by Grade 8 girls on “ Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu..” enthralled the audience. Event “Vidhaythu payir “began with the briefing of the same followed by “Mass Sowing of Seeds “by the students.

Correspondent Shri Tushar Kikani congratulated the kikanians on the wonderful initiative taken and urged them to continue the practice. He also spoke on the importance of respecting a guru in order to succeed in life.
The chief guest Shri Nagapasupathy in his address briefed the students on the various methods and modern techniques in farming which was quite informative.

The day was a very special day for the students with many takeaway messages like – why they should pay gratitude to all gurus in their life, how to nurture plants and respect farmers and their hard work.